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Citizens Academy Leadership Training

Class IV Starts April 9th in Guthrie! Register Today!

The Oklahoma Municipal League (OML) is pleased to announce that we are now taking applications for the 2015-2016 Citizens Academy Leadership Training (CALT) Class IV. This program offers a unique curriculum, with an emphasis on municipal leadership. It represents the next level of training for Certified Municipal Officials and also gives all elected officials, municipal employees, and citizens the opportunity to learn and grow as community leaders.

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CALT Information

The Oklahoma Citizens Academy was created in 2002 by the Oklahoma Community Institute (OCI) with the vision of providing the state with a growing population of engaged and informed citizens prepared and committed to build and sustain strong communities. Since its inception, more than 100 Oklahomans have graduated from the program and are sharing successes based on their Citizens Academy experience.

In 2012, the Oklahoma Municipal League (OML) took over the program after OCI was unable to continuing operating and renamed it the Citizens Academy Leadership Training (CALT) Program. This program preserves and enhances training and educational opportunities of municipal officials and local citizens previously offered by OCI.

The focus of the program is specifically on equipping the participants with the skills and information they need to make a positive impact on local community and economic development. Participants in the Citizens Academy Leadership Training program learn valuable skills in the areas of teamwork, community assessment and planning, economic development and tourism, community renewal and working with elected officials.

For more information about the OML Citizens Academy Leadership Training, contact Ginny Wilson or Carolyn Stager by email or at the OML Office at 1-800-324-6651