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Grant Writing Tips

The Nonprofit Times published these helpful grant writing tips. Print them off and read them before you start your next grant application.

· Do your homework. Pay close attention to the guidelines, policies, and procedures. Don't try to "fit" your organization or program into the guidelines simply to obtain funding.

· Keep it simple. Be concise in all correspondence, particularly the cover letter. Make it a maximum of three pages, and summarize the organization, the purpose of the request, and other pertinent information.

· Be Relevant. Demonstrate how organization or project benefits the company -- do not approach simply on the basis of being a customer of the company.

· Be accountable. Think scope and impact -- and be honest. Quantify, and tie the project to specific targets and dates. Provide a cost-benefit analysis.

· Writing matters. Funders receive a significant number of requests. Make it an easy read for them. Proposals should be organized, well-written, and grammatically correct.

· Proof read. Are all required items addressed and space limits met? Other common errors: sent to right person/address but wrong company name, or a recipient no longer with the company.

· Be patient. Do not call the day after the proposal is submitted. Due to the significant volume of requests, particularly for corporate foundations, it will require time to manage.

· Trust the application process. Going outside the application process to get a proposal considered will eventually come back to haunt you.

· Take each year as if it is the first. Past funding is no guarantee of future support.

· Be a friend to the environment. Send one copy unless told otherwise. No three-ring binders. Send videotapes only if necessary. 

Grants for Municipalities

Want to Apply for an EPA Grant?

Join this EPA webinar to better understand the application process.

The webinar will cover grants topics, including: how to find and apply for grant opportunities; EPA's new Grants.gov requirement; and preparing a proper budget detail. In addition, we will be hosting a Q&A session during the second half of the webinar.

This is a recurring webinar. Please distribute the following information to any recipients and applicants you think would be interested. Webinar details are included below and also at this website http://www.epa.gov/ogd/training/grantaward.htm.

Upcoming Webinars

Date: June 18, 2015

Time: 2:00 pm ET

How to Register: 

No registration required. Please go to https://epa.connectsolutions.com/grantsjune2015/ at the time of the webinar.

 Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants (USDA-RD)

Deadline: On-going

Program helps eligible rural communities recover from or prepare for emergencies that result in a decline in capacity to provide safe, reliable drinking water for households and businesses. Privately owned wells are not eligible. Up to $150,000 for repairs to breaks or leaks in existing water distribution lines, and related maintenance. Up to $500,000 for construction of a new water source, intake and/or treatment facility or waterline extensions.