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MC&T - Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Certification

This program is for clerks, treasurers, finance officers, and/or anyone who performs the duties of those offices. Certification requires registration into the program, payment of the registration fee, and attendance at one annual workshop approved by the MC&T Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee has established the hours and training required for state certification.

The membership year begins July 1 and ends June 30.  The MC&T member will receive a training manual, a training session on the handbook, and the annual legislative update to the manual. 

Regional workshops are offered free of charge for MC&T Certification.   The training is designed to be convenient to clerks and treasures who work in the outlying regions of the state and have difficulty traveling or being away from the office for a day. 

How Can You Become Certified?

For municipal clerks, treasurers and finance officers, achieving your state certification is an important step to successfully navigating the many laws and regulations governing municipal government.  While it can’t all be learned in a day – most of us have been learning for years – it is a good way to become the best municipal official possible.  We truly are all in this together!

The MC&T Program is the Oklahoma Municipal League’s Clerk/Treasurer/Finance Officer Certification Program. It has operated since 1994 through a training contract with Career/Tech, which was originally statutorily appointed to train this group. Each year beginning on July 1, regional meetings are held at locations throughout the state with trainers who are municipal attorneys, clerks, treasurers or finance officers.  The training of city and town officials by city and town officials is a hallmark of this program.  The intent is to partner with a community to co-host the event with refreshments, food, etc.

An Advisory Committee designed by the Oklahoma Legislature meets as needed to discuss and advise OML on location and curriculum. 

Previously, the OML Handbook was utilized for training, but at the request of the Advisory Committee in 2003, the old training book used by Ernest Dirks from CareerTech was resurrected and updated for training purposes.  OML staff manages the program, updates the handbook yearly with new legislation and information, meets with the Advisory Committee, and schedules the training, location and the trainers. We undertake a range of duties to make the programs happen – including being the central point of contact as well as notifying, attending and facilitating the training, and delivering books and updates for the convenience of the attendees.

You can join the certification program by registering with OML. The registration fee for yearly certification entitles the registrant to a special training manual specifically geared to clerks, treasurers and finance officers, attendance to any regional workshops, and a yearly certificate for proof of certification.  

Anyone can attend the MC&T workshop for $65 .  Only Clerks, Treasurers and Finance Officers will receive a certificate of certification, all others will receive a certificate of attendance, if requested.  

For more information, contact Kelly Danner.