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Organizations and Governmental Entities Partnering with the League to Build Better Communities

The Oklahoma Municipal League, Inc., is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association of Oklahoma cities and towns. Organized in 1913, its purpose is to promote the general welfare of cities and towns and their citizens and to foster or conduct, alone or in cooperation with others, assistance that will provide for the improvement and increased efficiency of city and town government.

The League provides a variety of services to its member municipalities and their officials. These services include:

  • maintaining a reference library; 
  • sponsoring conferences, meetings and training programs; 
  • offering a variety of personnel and labor relations services; 
  • promoting state and federal legislation helpful to local governments;
  • answering inquiries and producing numerous publications.

The Oklahoma Municipal League, Inc., with a membership of over 400 cities and towns, represents more than 97 percent of Oklahoma’s urban population. The League’s offices are located at 201 N.E. 23rd Street in Oklahoma City, one block west of the State Capitol.

Municipal Membership

The benefits of membership in an organization that has proudly served cities and towns since 1913 are many but here are a few highlights:

Included with membership, your municipality receives at no additional charge:

  • OML Directory of Cities and Towns
  • OML Handbook for City and Town Officials
  • OML Legislative Report (Sine Die)
  • OML Salary & Benefits Survey (if member municipality participates in survey)
  • OML Municipal Utility Costs Survey (if member municipality participates in survey)
  • OML Membership cards

OML Inquiry Department - The Inquiry Assistance may range from a simple telephone consultation to more extensive research involving considerable time and effort. We answer inquiries from all municipal officials and employees who are calling about matters within their official responsibilities. We provide information over the phone or fax, mail or e-mail, including sample ordinances, articles, or any other relevant written information from our files. We retrieve and answer approximately 35-40 calls & e-mails per day.

OML Research Department - The OML Research Department provides annual publications on budgetary conditions, utility rates, and salaries and benefits for Oklahoma municipalities. The Research Department also gathers information to publish special reports on municipal issues. Statistical research, specifically on Oklahoma municipalities, validates and clarifies the message presented to federal and state legislators, provides comparative data to member cities/town, and helps to "make the case" for municipalities to the public.

OML Legislative Department - One of the League's primary responsibilities is to represent the viewpoint of its member cities and towns at the state legislature. During each legislative session hundreds of bills are introduced that affect municipal government. These measures are followed on a day-to-day basis, many of them are actively supported or opposed, and developments are reported to our membership during the session. Staff works with both state and federal officials who develop the rules used to implement legislation to assure that policies and programs are compatible with and meet the needs of our cities and towns. The League supports legislation which will materially assist municipalities in their daily operations and opposes bill which would seriously hinder their abilities to govern themselves or that mandate additional costs. Member municipalities are encouraged to join the Grass Roots Information Program (GRIP), which consists of a rapid fax or e-mail alert system. OML uses the GRIP program to keep our members informed of important developments at the state and federal legislative level.   Weekly, during the legislative session, OML publishes the OML Legislative Bulletin, sent electronically to OML members.

OML Training & Education Department - OML conducts many training events throughout the year, as well as an annual conference and exposition, in order to provide specialized educational opportunities for municipal officials.  We invite professional trainers and experienced city officials, as well as seasoned OML staff persons to educate our members on a wide variety of topics, from The Open Meeting & Records Acts and Nepotism laws to Planning, Budgeting, Employment and Beautification. While these meetings are open to OML members and non-members alike, OML members can attend any of these events at a reduced price.

OML Legal Department - Staff legal counsel provide information and assistance to city attorneys, draft legislation and file amicus curiae briefs on behalf of member cities and towns in cases of general interest to Oklahoma cities and towns. 

Certification Programs - OML offers a Certified Municipal Official, Certified Municipal Clerk, and Certified Municipal Court Clerk Programs to enable municipal officials to obtain professional certification in recognition for the various training events they attend.

25-Year Awards - A representative of the OML staff or an OML Board member will attend your municipality's council meetings to present 25 Years of Service Awards to your municipal employees. OML provides a certificate and pin to the employee.

Municipal Government Day At the Capitol - League staff has developed this program to assist in the education of students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels through the use of mock council meetings.  Additionally, many cities and towns will hold open houses and awards ceremonies recognizing top municipal employees and elected officials, as well as key volunteers. All activities and events are suggested as a means of replacing an often negative perception regarding local government with a new, educated opinion regarding the bargain in services and programs provided by Oklahoma’s cities and towns. The League provides each participating municipality a packet full of sample press releases and council proclamations, logos and suggested events. We are available to assist your municipality in planning activities and events for Municipal Government Day at the Capitol.

OML Secretariat Groups - OML provides secretariat services to many statewide municipal groups. These include:

OML provides a staff liaison to advise each group's Board of Directors, hosts Board of Directors meetings at OML, publishes group newsletters at regular intervals, provides record keeping services for membership and individual certification programs, and organizes training events for the groups, including collecting registrations, creating and constructing instructional materials and packets, locating meeting places, and providing guest speakers and instructors.

OML Website - OML has developed a website for the use of our members and the general public. The website contains information on a variety of subjects including, upcoming training events, pending legislation and action alerts, inquiry and legal department information, links to Oklahoma municipal websites, as well as links to many other websites of interest to municipal officials. Visit us today at http://www.oml.org/.

OML Labor Relations Program - The League keeps our members apprised of the latest developments in issues critical to cities with employees who are labor union members through the OML Labor Relations Program. OML also publishes a Labor Bulletin.

Oklahoma Municipal Utility Providers (OMUP) – OMUP was begun to assist OML members in coordinating and implementing a unified response to municipal water issues and future conflicts with rural water districts. OMUP acts primarily as a legislative action group. OMUP, in conjunction with OML lobbyists, will review proposed legislation and act as “outside experts” to advise OML as needed. The “DRIP GRIP” fax notification program was been created to keep members ahead of the tide of water legislation.  OMUP sponsors sessions on water-related issues at OML and other forums and provide written position papers, fact sheets, and newsletters on an as-needed basis.

Your OML staff has a great deal of experience in the areas of legislative, legal, meeting planning, marketing, communications, training, finance, accounting and research. 

If your municipality is interested in becoming an OML member, please contact Nancee Morris via email or by calling our offices at 201 N.E. 23rd, OKC by phoning (405) 528 - 7515 or (800) 324-6651.