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Keep Local Sales Tax at Home HB 1875

The Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) and the Oklahoma Municipal League (OML) have verified that cities and towns are subsidizing the state’s sales and use tax enforcement. There is no disagreement on this point.  HB 1875 will correct this inequity.  All local officials are needed to secure passage of this bill.  The Liaison Board will discuss this at OML’s Annual Conference. See below for more information about actions you can do.

Liaison Board at the 2013 OML Annual Conference

The Liaison Board will conduct an afternoon of training on September 18th to assist you in increasing sales tax collection for your community. This will be a 3-part track at OML’s Annual Conference in Tulsa. Following appointment by the League Board of Directors in 2010 the Liaison Board has met monthly to identify problems and find solutions with sales and use tax collections and enforcement. This is your opportunity to exchange practical information with those municipal officials who have engaged the Tax Commission in determining accountability for fees paid to OTC by municipalities, improving contract and reporting and collection methods and involving municipalities in formulating OTC’s policies in enforcement of municipal tax ordinances.

The three sessions are:
Enhancing Municipal Sales Tax:

  • Are you being overcharged for OTC services? Ross VanderHamm Edmond Finance Director.
  • Using OTC Reports and Resources. Dana Ratcliff, Weatherford Treasurer, Breck Buchanan, Tulsa Treasury Analyst and Davis Puryear, Oklahoma City Assistant Treasurer.
  • Being Pro Active: Increasing Sales Tax Revenue. Bob Ponkilla, Oklahoma City Treasurer, Davis Puryear, Oklahoma City Assistant Treasurer and John Vincent, municipal attorney.

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