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Oklahoma Municipal League

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Citizens Academy/Leadership Training

The Oklahoma Municipal League (OML) is pleased to announce the launch of the Citizens' Academy/Leadership Training. This Academy preserves and enhances training and educational opportunities for municipal officials and local citizens that were previously provided by the Oklahoma Community Institute after they were unable to continue operating.

The focus of the program is specifically on equipping the participants with the skills and information they need to make a positive impact on local community and economic development. Participants in the Citizens Academy/Leadership Training program learn valuable skills in the areas of teamwork, community assessment and planning, economic development and tourism, community renewal and working with elected officials.

Click here for more information about the OML Citizens Academy Leadership Training, or contact Ginny Wilson or Carolyn Stager by email or at the OML Office at 1-800-324-6651

Healthcare Highways

The Oklahoma Municipal Services Corporation (OMSC), the business arm of the Oklahoma Municipal League (OML) is pleased to announce a partnership with Healthcare Highways (HCH). Healthcare Highways provides an integrated business model that will offer employers and providers a choice in the delivery of healthcare in local markets; thereby increasing competition and reducing healthcare costs. Based on strong local support and limited competition, HCH has deployed significant capital and resources in the development and launching of their new network services. Please click here to visit their website or click here to view a brochure.

For additional information or to obtain a quote, please contact Chris Wilson - VP, Strategic Market Sales, for the OML member inquiries, 469-305-4405 or mobile 214-797-8525 or email at: chris.wilson@healthcarehighways.com

Aberdeen Enterprizes II

Aberdeen Enterprizes II and the Oklahoma Municipal Service Corporation (OMSC), the business arm of the OML are announcing its partnership to provide a cost enhancing process and cost administration help for all size Municipalities in Oklahoma. Aberdeen Enterprizes II, Inc. is a revenue enhancing cost administration Company, specializing in court collections. Aberdeen offers a variety of benefits that will increase revenue, decrease cost, and allow defendants to fulfill their obligations in a respectful manner. Aberdeen works exclusively with courts at the state and municipal levels. This focus allows us to better understand the needs, workload, process and relationship inherent in the court system. The recovery of millions of dollars this past year for Aberdeen’s court clients has been at NO COST to the government agencies.

Please see our website for more information at www.aberdeen-2.com

For a personal contact you may call: Rob Shofner at 1-800-945-0800 EXT: 833 or email rds@aberdeenenterprizes2.com

US Communities

U.S. Communities New Energy Consulting & Management Contract

The Oklahoma Municipal Services Corporation, the business arm of the OML, supports the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance in extending cooperative contracts that it administers to municipalities in the State of Oklahoma. U.S. Communities has identified Tradition Energy for energy consulting and management services. Additionally, two webinars to provide an overview of this contract and information is available on the U.S. Communities webinars page.

Oklahoma Drug Card

Free Prescription Drug Card Partnered in Oklahoma - Oklahoma Municipal League and the Oklahoma Drug Card Will Provide Prescription Assistance to All Residents of Oklahoma.

American Fidelity Assurance

American Fidelity Launches HCRdecision.com

American Fidelity Assurance Company (AFA) and Oklahoma Municipal Services Corporation, the business arm of OML, have entered into a partnership which is proving valuable for both OMSC and Oklahoma cities and towns. We are pleased to provide you this update from AFA regarding a website the company recently launched which is an ongoing effort to keep employer groups and associations updated and informed on Health Care Reform developments. Click here to read more.

Bancfirst Credit Card Program

The Oklahoma Municipal Services Corporation (OMSC) and BancFirst have successfully partnered since 2000 to assist Oklahoma cities and towns, and their public trusts, to utilize a municipal credit/debit card acceptance program

Benchmark of Trust

BancFirst and the OMSC regularly evaluate the program to ensure cost savings and enhancements. These benefits are a benchmark of trust the OMSC has in the program partnership with BancFirst.

Training and Service

BancFirst utilizes unparalleled training, customer service and follow-up practices. BancFirst installs all equipment and provides training to municipal staff on equipment usage. BancFirst professionals are immediately responsive to any problems, issues or questions from municipal employees for ongoing support.

If you would like to know more about the OMSC BancFirst Merchant Credit Card Acceptance Program, please contact Tamara Reed, Assistant Vice President and Merchant Services Coordinator at BancFirst: (405) 218-4074, or e-mail: treed@bancfirst.com

More information on how to register.

Utility Service Partners, Inc.

We are glad to be working with Utility Service Partners, Inc. to introduce USP and the NLC Service Line Warranty Program to our member cities. 

Visit their website at http://www.utilitysp.net/