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Oklahoma Municipal League

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Research Department

The OML Research Department provides annual publications on budgetary conditions, utility rates, and salaries and benefits for Oklahoma municipalities as well as national information and research websites. This site also lists special reports on municipal issues and several slide presentations.

Research on Oklahoma cities and towns enables accurate documentation and explanation of municipal problems and situations facing local government. Statistical research, specifically on Oklahoma municipalities, validates and clarifies the message presented to federal and state legislators, provides comparative data member cities/town, and helps to "make the case" for municipalities to the public.

Reports of Municipal Interest

Municipal Finance Policy (revised, July 2010, adopted January, 2009):
The OML Municipal Finance Policy was adopted to establish a basis for proactive action to secure a sound financial structure for Oklahoma towns and cities.  A Future of Municipal Finance Working Group met during fall, 2008 to review the two previous finance research reports and determine both long and short term finance goals for municipalities. Oklahoma municipalities are overly dependent on sales tax and do not have balanced revenue mix.  Oklahoma is the only state that does not have access to property tax for general government operations.  The resulting policy document was recommended by the Working Group, reviewed by the OML Legislative Committee, adopted by the OML board in January, 2009, and revised by the OML board in July, 2010. Download the Municipal Finance Policy (.pdf)

Oklahoma Municipal Salaries And Benefits in 2013:
OML annually publishes a salary survey which reports the current wages, fringe benefits and pay plans for cities and towns across the entire state. Basic wage and benefit information is reported in tabular form. Expanded coverage for cities with employee unions provides more detailed information that is useful in the design of pay/benefit plans and in negotiations with labor organizations. It is used by cities and towns across Oklahoma to evaluate their salaries and benefits. The 2010 survey will be provided in an updated electronic format on CD.

Oklahoma Municipal Utility Costs in 2012:
This is a comparison of utility rates in easy to read charts which is published in cooperation with the Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma (MESO). It presents water, sewer, refuse, electric, gas and cable television costs for cities and towns. It is both a handbook for local communities and a source of comparative data on trends in rates and services.