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2013 Sine Die

I am pleased to provide you with the 2013 Legislative Sine Die report on behalf of the Oklahoma Municipal League (OML).  This year’s report features a legislative wrap-up of the first session of the 54th legislature.  A brief summary of the bills that were enacted is provided in the report; however you are also able to access a bill and read it in its entirety by just “clicking” on the bill number and you will be directed to the full bill content.

One of the most popular features of the Sine Die report continues to be the section that provides a breakdown by municipal department and the bills that may impact that department.  Please note you can also access the full bill content in this section by clicking on the bill number.

As of the publishing of this report, the Oklahoma House of Representatives had requested 135 Interim Studies. Those that have an impact on municipal government are also included in this report.  Please note these have not yet been approved by the Speaker of the House.   Once they have been approved, we will have them on our website and will keep you apprised when the committees begin to meet.  The Senate has not yet released their list and again, as soon as that is available, we will provide that information to you.

The Interim Study Committee hearings normally take place during the late summer and fall.   We will keep you updated as developments warrant.

OML has several working groups that have taken an active role in formulating legislation including the Municipal Liaison Board, the Oklahoma Municipal Utility Providers Group and the Pension Reform Working Group.  The OML legislative priorities for 2013 as determined by the OML Board of Directors included: Transportation Funding, Agency Accountability and Pension Reform.

Some reforms were made to the firefighter pension system this session (HB 2078) and agency accountability (SB 596) was also enacted.  Although progress was made on both of these issues, there is much more to be done.   Transportation Funding will be addressed in an Interim Study by the House of Representatives as requested by Rep. Jackson and Rep. Jordan.

OML is “your” organization.   Together we provide a strong voice for Oklahoma municipalities.   The number one ingredient for success at the legislature and state agencies is a united collective municipal voice.

Thank you so much for being a part of the OML family and for the role you played to ensure a successful legislative session.

Carolyn Stager
Executive Director  

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Bills That May Impact Municipal Departments

Final Summary by Subject with Overview Included

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Report on 2013 Interim Studies

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