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Water Management and Drought Information

2014 DEQ Public Water Supply Compliance and 
Performance Meetings Presentations

Sample Ordinances and Policies

Norman, OK. Water Conservation Ordinance.
This ordinance requires the installation of rain sensor and freeze gauge monitors on new and altered automatic lawn irrigation systems.

High Point. Lake Reservoirs.
This plan is geared toward Lakes and Reservoirs it has 4 phases (triggers). It has suggested conservation practices and charges higher rates for higher units of water used as the phase level increases.

Junction City, KS. Increasing Rate Structure.
This plan is geared toward any type of water supply and has 2 phases. It has emphasis on an increasing rate structure per unit to cause the conservation of water.

Ivens City. Good Purchase Water System.
This plan could be used for purchase water type systems. It runs concurrent with another city. It is a 4 stage plan. It has increased fines for multiple violations and a mandatory court appearance.

Wichita Falls, TX. Lakes & Reservoirs.
This plan is geared toward Lakes and Reservoirs. It requires the mailing of a copy of the rationing ordinance, water zoning map and a cover letter describing drought conditions to every water account. It has some permanent restrictions and is strict regarding irrigation systems.

Alamogordo, NM. Water Storage Capacity/Conservation.
This plan is geared around water storage capacity. It has 3 stages and is heavy on conservation methods. Enforcement can result in $500 fines for each day in violation.

Example Ordinance.
This plan has a heavy definition section, a strong enforcement section including interruption of service, increased rates and strong fines. It has multiple conservation methods. It could be difficult to enforce due to limits on the gals per customer per day.

Guymon, OK. Water Conservation Plan Resolution.
This plan is geared toward Water Wells. It has multiple triggers with goals and actions and has procedures for violators.

Lawton, OK. Water Conservation Ordinance
This is Lawton’s new water conservation ordinance adopted August 8, 2006.

OWRB Drought Management Plan
This is the Oklahoma Water Resources Board drought management plan from their website. You may find it useful.

Weather Information Links

Water, Environmental and Drought Links

- Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association (OFMA)

- Association of State Floodplain Managers Association (ASFPM)

- Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB)

- Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

- Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management (OEM)

- Corps of Engineers (USACE)

- U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

- EPA NPDES Phase II Site

- SMRC Stormwater Mgr Resource Center

- FEMA Official NFIP Site

- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

- American Water Works Association

- Nature Conservancy

- Stormwater Manager’s Resource Center

- Clean Water Campaign

- Tree City USA, National Arbor Day Foundation

- Urban Land Institute

- Smart Growth America

- Clean Water Network

- Scenic America

- Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

 - The City of Plano, Texas Municipal Water Information 
A well constructed municipal drought information website from the City of Plano for their citizens. The City ofPlano has already begun water rationing.

- Department of Environmental Protection of Pennsylvania (DEP)
Great website for drought information from David Poole, City Manager, Nichols Hills and OMUP/Drought Management Team Leader. See – you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Of particular interest go to Info for water suppliers and look at the drought triggers for different types of water supplies, and the contingency plan template.

- www.OKcommerce.gov/energy
This website Managed by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and the Oklahoma State Energy Office (SEO) promotes partnerships between citizens and businesses to encourage energy efficiency and turn renewable energies into a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

-San Antonio Water System (SAWS)

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) website

DEQ Drought Factsheet PDFs :
DEQ Factsheet: Water Emergency Procedures 

DEQ Factsheet: Is Your Utility Ready For A Drought?

DEQ Factsheet: Community Drought Impact Contacts

DEQ Factsheet: Water Conservation Tips for the Bathroom

DEQ Factsheet: Water Conservation Tips for the Kitchen

DEQ Factsheet: Water Conservation Tips for the Outdoors